Prosthetic Legs Being Adjusted

Orthotic Solutions

The team at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates of South Carolina is ready to hear your concerns, evaluate your biomechanical needs, and formulate an individualized orthotic treatment for you or your loved one. Using our in-house lab, we create customized orthoses, or “braces”, to match your unique needs.

Our American Board Certified Orthotists possess decades’ worth of experience designing, custom-fabricating, and applying orthotic solutions on patients with a wide-range of health conditions and physical needs. As experienced clinicians and technicians, they work with you to creatively and innovatively address your needs.

What is an orthosis?

An orthosis is an external device used to improve body alignment or function, immobilize an injured area, prevent or correct a deformity, protect a joint or limb, reduce pain, and/or provide proprioceptive feedback. Orthoses can be either custom or prefabricated.

Who makes orthoses?

A certified orthotist “CO” is the only health care professional specifically educated and trained to manage comprehensive orthotic patient care. Orthotic care includes patient evaluation, design, and formulation of a treatment plan. The orthotist will take a casting/molding of the involved body part(s), shape your mold, fabricate, fit, modify, and maintain the custom orthosis.

Who do we treat?

We provide a wide-range of orthoses for patients as young as newborns all the way to elder adults with a variety of conditions. To learn about POA’s pediatric services (click here).

We commonly provide orthotic solutions for patients with:

  1. Deformational Head Shapes (Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly, Scaphocephaly)
  2. Spinal Conditions
    •  Scoliosis
  3. Neuromuscular Conditions
    •  Cerebral Palsy
    •  Stroke
    •  Spinal-cord Injury
    •  Spina-Bifida
  4. Musculoskeletal Conditions
    •  Clubfoot
    •  Limb Deficiencies
  5. Sports Related Injuries

What type of orthoses do we make?

POA specializes in the design, manufacturing, and fitting of custom-molded orthoses. Our designs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Craniofacial
    •  Cranial Remolding Orthoses “CRO”
    •  Custom Face Masks
  2. Exoskeletal Systems
    •  Reciprocating Gait Orthoses “RGO”
    •  Passive Dynamic Systems – IDEO, PDE, and EXO styles available
  3. Orthotronic Mobility Systems – myoelectric controlled orthoses
    •  Ottobock C-Brace
  4. Pediatric Lower Limb
    •  Infra-malleolar Orthoses “UCBL”
    •  Supra-malleolar Orthoses “SMO”
    •  Ankle-Foot Orthoses “AFO”
    •  Knee Orthoses “KO”
    •  Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses “KAFO”
    •  Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses “HKAFO”
  5. Spinal /Scoliosis
  6. Stance Control Knee Joints
    •  Ottobock E-Mag
    •  Becker Stride Systems (FullStride, SafetyStride, Stride4)
  7. Ultra-light Carbon Fiber Composite Designs (AFOs, KOs, and KAFOs)


The nature of your appointment ranges. It may include an evaluation, casting/impression procedure, trial-fitting, final delivery, standard follow-up, or repair. Typically, evaluations last no more than one hour and our procedures are non-invasive.

Please wear clothing (or bring with you) that allows for full evaluation of the involved body part(s):

  1. Shorts are recommended for lower limb evaluation
  2. Short sleeve shirts or tank tops for upper limb evaluation
  3. Bathing suits for a spinal evaluation

If you use other adaptive equipment (i.e., crutches, walker or wheelchair) for mobility, please bring it with you for the evaluation. Spinal evaluations require current x-rays, please bring them with you to the evaluation.

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