Runner Using Prosthetic Blade

Hip Disarticulate/Hemipelvectomy/ Transpelvectomy  Prosthetic System

POA’s orginal socket system for hip disarticulate amputations was created by Stan Patterson for Sgt. Josh Olson at the request of Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC). Olson, who lost his leg as the result of an RPG blast in Iraq, wanted to remain in the Army, but the hip disarticulate prosthetic system he was wearing was rigid, bulky, and so uncomfortable that he found it hard to function in. So in 2004, WRAMC sent Josh to POA to create something that would serve him better. Fourteen-hour days and several prototypes produced a low-profile model that was not visible through Olson’s uniform.  The fit was intimate and secure, preventing the socket movement that beset older versions.

Improvements to the socket  have evolved since then. Instead of silicone shorts, the silicone is now  incorporated into the socket itself, making for a more comfortable interface.

Overview: Prosthetic Fitting Process for HD/HP/TP Amputees

A cast impression is formed and used to fabricate the socket and ensure  a precise and comfortable fit. Additional components are attached, and the resulting prosthesis is aligned to provide the highest degree of control possible, allowing the wearer to walk with confidence–and sit in comfort!


The following videos shows patients using our most recent design which  incorporates silicone onto the socket itself.