Prosthetic Legs Being Adjusted
Bilateral above the knee amputee with running prosthesis posing with prosthetist.

Pediatric Orthotics

Designing and fitting an optimal pediatric orthosis requires more than the enjoyment of working with children. A true pediatric orthotist incorporates much more into the design of a child’s orthosis than just colors and transfer patterns. They utilize design features that factor in a child’s unique functional needs like growth, higher impact activities, and extended wear times.

Our pediatric specialists have the training and experience necessary to incorporate your child’s unique needs, both socially and functionally, into the design of their orthosis. We understand how to interact with your child, make the visit fun, and properly address their orthotic needs.

Our facility does not look like your typical medical office – we have an open and social atmosphere that helps the child and their family feel relaxed. It’s not uncommon to see Cameron’s French Brittany Hudson roaming the clinic, offering his K-9 counseling expertise to anyone willing to pet or play fetch with him. The kids are free to play, watch TV, or use the Wi-Fi between fittings.

Dynamic Orthoses

Pediatric orthoses are often referred to as “dynamic” ankle-foot-orthoses or DAFOs. These specialized orthoses feature thin, flexible, and light-weight thermoplastics in combination with tone reducing footplate contours – pressure points on the bottom of the foot to aid in proprioceptive feedback. When fabricated and fit properly, tone reducing orthoses are shown to facilitate improved functionality, control, and compliance among users.

Pediatric Line

Bradley Sweatt, CPO – owner of POA South Carolina, has extensive training and experience with pediatric orthoses. He has been designing, fabricating, and fitting total-contact, dorsal wrapping orthoses, with plantar surface modifications on individuals with various neuromuscular disorders.

Pulling from his years of interaction with patients, parents, therapists, and physicians led to the development of our Keiki Line – which facilitate positive outcomes in patients with disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Injury, and Spina Bifida.

Using our proprietary casting and fabrication techniques, we will custom-tailor an orthotic solution to match your child’s unique needs. We also offer:

  1. Cranial Remolding Orthoses (Click here to learn more)
  2. Scoliosis Bracing (Click here to learn more)
  3. SMOs for Low Muscle Tone
  4. Clubfoot Solutions


The nature of your child’s appointment will vary. It may include an evaluation, casting/impression procedure, trial-fitting, final delivery, standard follow-up, or repair. Typically, evaluations last no more than one hour and none of our procedures are considered invasive.

Please wear clothing (or bring with you) that allows for full evaluation of the involved body part(s):

  1. Shorts are recommended for lower limb evaluation
  2. Short sleeve shirts or tank tops for upper limb evaluation
  3. Bathing suits for a spinal evaluation

If you use other adaptive equipment (i.e., crutches, walker or wheelchair) for mobility, please bring it with you for the evaluation. Spinal evaluations require current x-rays, please bring them with you to the evaluation.

Contact Us

We are happy to offer an initial assessment at no charge – valid prescription from your doctor required. Call us at (843) 277-3919 or email us at